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Vertical machining center series

VMC750 vertical machining center

This machine tool is a vertical machining center suitable for mechanical processing and mold manufacturing. It can adapt to the processing requirements from rough machining to fine machining, and can complete various processes such as milling, drilling, tapping, and boring.

VMC855 vertical machining center

It is mainly suitable for processing workpieces with complex shapes, multiple processes and high precision requirements. Such as: box parts; complex curved surface parts; special-shaped parts; disc, sleeve, plate parts; parts in the trial production of new products.

VMC1160 vertical machining center

The VMC1160 vertical machining center is priced at an affordable price and has guaranteed quality. The main shaft bearing adopts high-speed, high-precision special spindle bearings and is lubricated with grease. The spindle adopts Taiwan Luo Yi spindle. The front and rear bearings of the spindle are supported in groups, so that the spindle has the characteristics of high precision, high speed, high load, and low temperature rise. It can withstand high power and high torque cutting, and has high spindle accuracy and Longer service life.

VMC1370 vertical machining center

This machining center is a large vertical machining center. This model is designed with four guide rails in the Y direction, including two auxiliary guide rails, which not only ensures accuracy but also ensures the rigidity of the machine tool and can be used for powerful cutting. It can complete various processes such as drilling, milling, boring, expanding and reaming in one clamping for various complex parts such as disks, plates, shells, cams and molds. Equipped with a fourth-axis CNC indexing head or a rotary table, it can process complex parts such as spiral grooves on the rotary body.

VMC1580 vertical machining center

The VMC1580 vertical machining center is a heavy-duty vertical structure CNC machine tool designed and developed by our company. The three axes adopt a roller linear rail structure, which has strong cutting load capacity and high precision and efficiency. In recent years, the products in the machining industry have become more and more popular. The large stroke range of 1500*800mm is loved by friends in the machining industry. It is widely used in automobile manufacturing and mechanical metal processing fields.
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