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Horizontal machining center series

HMC630 heavy-duty horizontal machining center

HMC630 is suitable for processing valves, plates, cams, boxes and other parts in general machinery, automobiles, motorcycles, tools, sewing machines, motors, instrumentation and other industries. It can be used for small and medium-sized batches of multiple varieties of production, and can also be used in automatic lines for mass production. Using this machine tool can save process equipment, shorten the production preparation cycle, ensure the quality of parts processing, and improve production efficiency.

HMC800 heavy-duty horizontal machining center

The main basic parts of the HMC800 horizontal gantry machining center, such as the base, slider, workbench, column, and spindle box, are made of highly rigid cast iron structures. Reticulated ribs are distributed internally to ensure the high rigidity and bending resistance of the basic parts. Shock absorption performance; the basic parts are made of resin sand and have undergone aging treatment to ensure the stability of the machine tool's long-term accuracy and provide guarantee for the stability of the machine tool performance. X, Y (vertical), Z three-axis linear rails, and Z-axis four guide rails Fully supported, the feed in the three directions of It is passed to the high-precision ball screw to ensure the positioning accuracy of the machine tool. The screw support uses special bearings for the screw and a pre-stretched structure, which greatly reduces the impact of thermal deformation on the accuracy during long-term operation of the machine tool; the main spindle box adopts a 2-speed variable speed The structure automatically switches between high and low gears, suitable for low-speed heavy cutting. The high-speed speed is 4000rpm; the low-speed speed is 1000pm. The guide rails and screws in the three directions of Movement accuracy, the spindle box is equipped with an automatic balancing system to ensure the machining accuracy of the machine tool. It adopts an advanced centralized automatic lubrication device, timing and quantitative automatic intermittent lubrication, and the work is stable and reliable. The machine tool is equipped with an imported CNC control system, which is fully functional and easy to operate. Simple, accurate, stable and reliable.

HMC1000 heavy-duty horizontal machining center

HMC1000 heavy-duty horizontal machining center
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