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XH2514 Gantry Machining Center
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XH2514 Gantry Machining Center

XH2514 gantry machining center is a complete new equipment produced by Shandong Yourong Machine Tool Co., Ltd. It has high rigidity structural design, reliable accuracy stability and retention, complete supporting equipment, modular component design, high degree of standardization, and good Interchangeability, stable quality, advanced machine tool design, reliable performance, easy operation and convenient maintenance. At the same time, our company has introduced and absorbed advanced European design and process technology for this machine tool. The whole machine has a highly rigid frame structure design, so it not only has powerful cutting capabilities, but can also process precision parts.
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The main parameters unit XH2514 Gantry Machining Center
Workbench size (width*length) mm 2500×1200
distance between two columns mm 1400
Workbench load-bearing kg 5000
Table T-slot width * spacing * number of slots   22×140×7
X-direction travel mm 2600
Y direction travel mm 1400
Z-direction travel mm 800
X, Y, Z axis feed speed (stepless) mm/min 1-8000
X, Y, Z axis fast  mm/min 12/12/10
Distance from the end face of the end milling head spindle to the worktable mm 150-950
Vertical milling head spindle front end specifications   BT50-190
Vertical milling head spindle power KW 15/18.5
Vertical milling head spindle speed range rpm 6000
Positioning accuracy (semi-closed loop) mm ±0.005/300 (X, Y, Z axis)
Repeated positioning precision (semi-closed loop) mm ±0.003/1000 (X, Y, Z axis)
The maximum overall dimensions of the machine tool are approximately (length*width*height) mm 7300×3800×4700
Overall weight of machine tool (approx.) Ton 17.5
Machine electrical capacity (approx.) KVA 35
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