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XH3022 Gantry Machining Center
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XH3022 Gantry Machining Center

XH3022 gantry machining center is a mechanical processing equipment integrating mechanical, electrical, hydraulic and other advanced technologies. It is mainly used for processing flat surfaces, curved surfaces and holes. It is widely used in the machinery manufacturing industry for roughing and finishing of complex parts such as plates, boxes, frames, etc. This machine tool can realize the horizontal (Y-axis) and vertical (Z-axis) movement of the vertical milling head and the worktable. Three-axis linkage of longitudinal movement (X-axis). It can perform multi-process processing such as milling, boring, drilling, rigid tapping, reaming, and countersinking.
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The main parameters unit XH3022 XH4022 XH6022
X-direction travel mm 3200 4200 6200
Y direction travel mm 2500 2500 2500
Z-direction travel mm 1000 1000 1000
Spindle model mm BT50-190 BT50-190 BT50-190
Spindle power KW twenty two twenty two twenty two
Spindle speed rpm 6000 6000 6000
Tool magazine selection t 24/32/40 24/32/40 24/32/40
working desk size mm 3000x1800 4000x1800 6000x1800
distance between two columns mm 2200 2200 2200
Workbench load-bearing kg 10000 12000 15000
X, Y, Z feed speed mm/min 1-8000 1-8000 1-8000
X, Y, Z rapid movement speed M/min 12.12.10 12.12.10 12.12.10
Number of T-slots/slot width/slot distance mm 9/28/180 9/28/180 9/28/180
Distance from spindle end face to worktable mm 250-1250 250-1250 250-1250
Machine tool positioning accuracy mm ±0.005/300 ±0.005/300 ±0.005/300
Repeatable positioning accuracy of machine tools mm ±0.003/1000 ±0.003/1000 ±0.003/1000
Machine tool dimensions (approx.) mm 8000x4800x4500 10000x4800x4500 14000xx4800x4500
Machine weight (approx.) T 31 35 44
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